Dealing wisely with your parents

This is written to all children – if you have a parent, this is for you. If you have a child, forward it to them.

How does a wise son or daughter deal with his or her parents?

According Proverbs, God’s book of practical wisdom, a wise child will:

  • listen to, and not scoff at, his parent’s instruction 13:1; 20:20; 30:17
  • seek to please his parents 17:25; 23:24-25, especially so, by avoiding shameful friends: 28:7
  • not leech off them: 28:24
  • respect them in their old age: 23:22
  • not waste their wealth 29:3

Thought to Ponder: Are you a wise or foolish person in your relation to your parents?

Dealing wisely with your parents
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