Daily Devotionals

Prosperous words

The prosperity religions define prosperous words as words that “Claim!” and “Declare” and “Prophesy!” various expression of common greed. Although the Creator God can speak and through His Word alone make it come to pass, mankind falls into the Created category of existence. The wise know that we are too use prosperous words too, but […]

What your Bible reading says about your courage

Courageous men and women are individuals who esteem a specific list of values and who live by a stated set of principles. Wimps value only themselves and react to live as it happens with whatever they think best at the time. As Christians we ought to stop our wimp-ish ways and take courage. We need […]

Why we worship God

“Why do you worship God?” For believers, that is not a difficult question to answer. The more difficult question is “Where do you start?!” It seems that Psalm 147 also didn’t really know where to start, so the author just started, and then continued for 20 verses with a number of calls to praise the […]

Getting up after great loss

The best moments in King David’s life read like a perfect Biblical Counselling story. That is because the best moments in King David’s life were the moment where he dealt with the great troubles of life in an outstandingly Godly way. One of the most striking “perfect Biblical Counselling stories” from King David’s life is […]

Daily Godliness – Meditate on God’s Word

As Christians we long to be godly, but becoming godly is hard work. We need daily godliness exercises. Thankfully the Scriptures are filled with “daily” verses. Perhaps there is no better place to start, than with the following three verses and the daily godliness practice that they have in common. Joshua 1:8 This Book of […]

Righteous from the inside out

Someone once said that every sinful action can be traced back to at least one sinful thought. This is merely a rephrasing what our Saviour taught (Mark 7:20-23). The equally true counterpart is that when you can have just thoughts, you would have spared yourself many unjust actions. “The thoughts of the righteous are just” […]

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