Daily Devotionals

Citizens of Heaven

The “sermon on the mount” starts with a list of descriptions of those who are citizens of Heaven. The characteristics and benefits of citizens in God’s Kingdom is really impressive. They are not only citizens of a democratic country, but fellow-possessors of a kingdom (Matt 5:3). They experience great comfort from all the things that […]

Romans 12:11 Three wake-up calls for spiritual service

Motivational one-liners have infused the weak with strength to succeed at all kinds of endeavours. Stories abound of underdogs becoming CEOs, of the oppressing becoming saviours, of the lazy becoming heroes. The same is true for spiritual ministry. The little brother Joseph became slave and then executive ruler of Egypt. The shepherd boy became King […]

A Biblical Course on Debt

Don’t, but if you do, pay it all back, for you are a slave. That is the one-sentence summary of the entire textbook in the class of a Biblical Course on Debt. The Bible uses the word-picture of slavery—yes, full-blown, no rights, hard work, all pain, no gain slavery—to drive home the realities of financial […]

How you will become more holy

The “How to …” instructions for fighting temptation and becoming more holy is clearly explained throughout the Scriptures. There are three passages though that are of particular practical significance in setting us firmly on the highway to holiness. These three passages are not only full of their own insights into sanctification, but also have a […]

How you won’t become more holy

YouTube is filled with “How to ….” instructions for practical things we all bump into from time to time. Spiritually we bump into temptation frequently enough that we should be crying out for a “How to …” instruction regarding sin and temptation. Scripture is filled with such instruction, but first we need the “How not […]

Never grumble

“Never grumble” is so easy to say, but the moment we hear it said, we become guilty of disobeying it. We are so quick to grumble—and if it is a word that is perhaps not frequent in your vocabulary, I’m sure it’s sisters will better known: complaining, arguing, back-chatting, murmuring, criticising, moaning, protesting—you have witnessed […]

The X on your treasure map

Jesus illustrated the Christian life as a treasure map where X marks the spot where your heart is. “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where […]

Romans 12:10 An excellent love

Sometimes the vocabulary in one language makes it difficult to translate certain words into another language. By comparing different possible translations, we can nonetheless grasp the full significance of the original language. This is evidently the case in Romans 12:10 which is translated the following ways in different translations. Love one another with brotherly affection. […]

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