Daily Devotionals

Review Romans 12:9-13

Like Proverbs was the collection of simple truths for wise living during the OT context, so Romans 12 is the collection of simple truths for wise living during the NT context. Both, being the inspired word of God are profoundly relevant for us as Christians in the 21st century. Romans 12 has been our church […]

Perfect godliness

It it is a much repeated and intuitively evident reality that “Nobody is perfect!” and we are all “just human”. We sometimes appeal to that reality as a justification for our rather-less-than-perfect actions and attitudes. Instead those, Jesus used that reality to motivate us to be perfect in our personal godliness. In Matthew 5:43-48 Jesus […]

Romans 12:13 Model Fellowship

How would you define or describe Christian fellowship? Tea time after church? Saturday braai with church people around the soccer or rugby game? Weekly Bible study? Prayer meeting? Church services? Christian fellowship is one of those terms we use frequently, but might not really be able to define with precision and accuracy. Romans 12:13 gives […]

Verses for all those emotions

Emotions send us all over the place. They might not be inherently evil, but the more we listen to our feelings, the more we get into trouble. By reading the Scriptures one quickly realises that it is like a giant app for emotions. Open the Scriptures, find the emotion you are feeling right now, click […]

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