Daily Devotionals

Your Christian rights and responsibilities

The world thrives on a sense of personal rights. We expect things from others, and get upset when our expectations are not met by them. When we are hurt by another, we retaliate in silence, bitterness, anger, or legal action because we sense the right to be recompensed for the hurt we suffered. Yet, throughout […]

An unmistakable key to successful parenting

Consistency, lack of anger, food (especially for young boys!), and clearly stated expectations are some of the common keys to successfully navigating the years of parenting for almost any age. Even the world occasionally figures out that the principles for parenting that God has given us in His Word are indeed the difference between good […]

God is wonderful in counsel

We know that God is the “Wonderful Counsellor” (Is 9:6), but we often take that to be a mere spiritual comfort rather than a practical call to listen and follow His instruction. Perhaps the most beautiful description of God’s wisdom and counsel is this: This also comes from the LORD of hosts;he is wonderful in […]

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