Daily Devotionals

Romans 12:17 The unfairness of doing good

Christianity has an excessive element to it. Christianity is “unfair” in the best sense of the word. Sinners who deserve punishment are delivered because of a substitute 2 Cor 5:21). God makes the sun rise on unbelievers just as on believers (Matt 5:45). Even when mankind invents all kinds of evil, God still makes some […]

Expectations of Biblical Counselling

People come for secular and pastoral counselling with all kinds of expectations. Some expect nothing really, except perhaps a mystical fix to all their problems. Others expect a listening ear—and clearly nothing more. Then there are always those who, like Nebuchadnezzar, expect the counsellor to “just know” what the problem is. On the other side […]

“I’ll figure it out for myself”

In the book of Proverbs there are many stereotypical characters with colourful introductions. There is the sluggard with his comically pathetic excuses, the fool named accordingly, the mocker with his loud mouth, the simpleton thriving on naïvety, the wicked in contrast to the righteous, and, not to be left out, is the man who is […]

Romans 12:16 The secret of getting along with others

Live in harmony with one another Romans 12:16 That is the idealistic dream of this world—getting along with others. We love those who are easy to get along with, and we admire those who seem to get along with everyone they meet. Sadly it seems that the slightest unintentional gesture can undo a year’s worth […]

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