Spiritually Sensible to Worship

A puritan once wrote: “He who prizes gold, will dig for it in the mine” (Thomas Watson, Godly Man’s Picture). What he meant was: “He who prizes God, will dig for Him in the Word.”.

Psalm 63 is about the sensibility of prizing God. May you not only believe what David did, but be able to say a hearty “Amen!” to this Psalm.

Verse 1 – A spiritually sensible man understands the weariness of this world.

Verse 2 – A spiritually sensible man loves the beauty and worth of watching God at work.

Verses 3-4 – A spiritually sensible man makes worship his primary task for life.

Verse 5a – A spiritually sensible man feeds his soul the way he feeds his belly – with the best he can find.

Verses 5b-6 – A spiritually sensible man thinks often about God, mulling over God’s dealings with him in light of Truth.

Verses 7-8 – A spiritually sensible man knows that Providence is spelled with a divinely capital letter and that true joy and rest comes through true worship alone.

These eight verses describe a man of Scriptural common sense; His life is, first and foremost, defined by worship.

Spiritually Sensible to Worship
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