Bible Reading

Non-Bible Biblical Resources

The Bible is the only source of Divine Revelation and is the only authoritative reference point of all things spiritual. Christians are required to read/hear the Bible, study the Bible, memorise the Bible, meditate on the Bible in its own pure, non-annotated form. The Bible is completely sufficient all by itself. However, this does not […]

Why can’t we worship as we please?

In reaction to the Roman Catholic worship practises of the Dark Ages, some of the pre-Reformers and Reformers decided to halt all the traditional elements of worship that the Roman Catholic Church had practised, and to start over with the Scriptures alone as the guide to what worship practises are acceptable or not for Christians. […]

Reading Mark

Often when new believers ask where they should start reading their Bibles, the answer is “The Gospel of John. Begin there. Or maybe 1st John.” The same is true in evangelism. Perhaps you have done the same: when you recommend a place for an unbeliever to start reading, you mention again the Gospel according to […]

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