Are you sure that your sins are forgiven?

When God saves a sinner and forgives the sin of that person, He does not dip them in purple, or something like that, to show that that one’s sins are forgiven. Sin doesn’t appear as a physically black burden on one’s back as depicted in the allegory of Pilgrim’s Progress. Forgiveness doesn’t appear like a […]

A Testimony of Counselling Bad Behaviour

From a personal vantage point it often seems best not to deal with bad behaviour. The humiliation of acknowledging our own bad behaviour, or the perceived consequences to ourselves in addressing the bad behaviour of others, often results in endless relational headache. From a more objective vantage point, we know that we ought to change […]

How to change destructive and sinful habits

The Christian life is a life of change. When God saved us, we changed spiritually in a most dramatic way—we transformed from spiritual deadness to spiritual life (Ephesians 2:1-5). Since then, we are changed people (2 Cor 5:17), in a permanent process of change (Phil 2:12-13; Rom 12:2). This continual process of change is a […]

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