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Ethical systems for the very grey areas

Christianity offers the only comprehensive worldview for all matters of life. The reason Christians respond so well, or at least ought to, to conflicting ethical decisions and situations is because we have a Christian view of the world. This contradicts many of the worldviews that others have adopted. Here are the six major ethical systems […]

A lesson in humility

Courtesy of a virus, we are reminded that we do not know what tomorrow might bring. All the boastful plans we have made a month or two ago had to be erased and replaced with “LOCKDOWN” scribbled across our daily and year planners. As the wise have said many a time “Write your plans in […]

A better parent for your children

It is at least stereotypically true that those without children think they would be better parents for your children, but once they have children of their own their realise that they too need better parents for their children. The book of Proverbs is that better parent. Whether you are a single parent raising your children […]

I need a good friend and you need me to be a good friend

We are simply too selfish (Pro 18:1), too limited in understanding (Pro 18:2), and too foolish (Pro 12:15) to think we can go through life without some serious input from some good friends. The first obvious benefit of having some good friends is spiritual growth. Just like your physical body doesn’t grow when some of […]

The insight of self-awareness

Two verses in Proverbs affirm the kind of self-awareness that characterise the wise. You might not find the somewhat psychologised term “self-awareness” in the topic index at the back of your Bible, but the more active description of self-awareness is that of “give thought to” your deeds and lifestyle. The first verse is Proverbs 14:15 […]

“I’ll figure it out for myself”

In the book of Proverbs there are many stereotypical characters with colourful introductions. There is the sluggard with his comically pathetic excuses, the fool named accordingly, the mocker with his loud mouth, the simpleton thriving on naïvety, the wicked in contrast to the righteous, and, not to be left out, is the man who is […]

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