Asking “Why?!” during trials

Bad things happen. Sometimes the bad things that happen are simply consequences of sinful deeds we’ve committed. Other times the bad things have nothing directly to do with our sin or folly, but is because of the evil of another. And then there are bad things that happen simply because we are living in a […]

Of first importance

Many important things need to be addressed today. Important personal matters, government policies, finance decisions, marital responsibilities, parenting decisions, and a host of other important things need to be addressed today. But even the important things in life are ranked. Some are simply more important than others. With limited resources it might even be that […]

A picture of our Father’s care

At the end of a rather tumultuous life, Joseph, the once favourite son, then slave, even inmate, and later prime minister, displays unexpected care to those who caused all his misfortunes. Not surprisingly, it is his view of God that provides the foundation for his gracious and caring response to his brothers. Genesis 50:19-21 But […]

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