What your behaviour says about the Holy Spirit in you

At the new birth, God gives His Holy Spirit to you. You are spiritually baptised into the Holy Spirit meaning that you have been added to the Church and that your ministry to the saints will now bear fruit (1 Cor 12:13). The gift of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit […]

A clear conscience after a day with unbelievers

Is it possible to have a clear conscience after every interaction that you have with unbelievers? What about the ones who demonstrated their sinful side to you today? What about the ones who did you harm today? What about the ones who were short-tempered, incompetent, and unfriendly today? Is it even possible to end every […]

Daily Godliness – Meditate on God’s Word

As Christians we long to be godly, but becoming godly is hard work. We need daily godliness exercises. Thankfully the Scriptures are filled with “daily” verses. Perhaps there is no better place to start, than with the following three verses and the daily godliness practice that they have in common. Joshua 1:8 This Book of […]

Expectations of Biblical Counselling

People come for secular and pastoral counselling with all kinds of expectations. Some expect nothing really, except perhaps a mystical fix to all their problems. Others expect a listening ear—and clearly nothing more. Then there are always those who, like Nebuchadnezzar, expect the counsellor to “just know” what the problem is. On the other side […]

Perfect godliness

It it is a much repeated and intuitively evident reality that “Nobody is perfect!” and we are all “just human”. We sometimes appeal to that reality as a justification for our rather-less-than-perfect actions and attitudes. Instead those, Jesus used that reality to motivate us to be perfect in our personal godliness. In Matthew 5:43-48 Jesus […]

Transforming worldly desires into will of God desires

Worldliness is often defined in terms of a list of actions. And certainly every Christian would agree that the activities of adultery, bribery, lying, murder, and the like are not fitting for citizens of heaven who still walk this world. But the definition of worldliness lies deeper than just the actions. Worldliness is defined by […]

God’s love, justification, suffering, and godliness

In our church’s commitment to the Word of God, we are, in lieu of a Bible reading plan, practising a Bible writing plan. In Deuteronomy 17:18-19 a Bible writing plan was required of all the future kings of Israel, and this week the passage for our church is Romans 5:1-9 as we make our way […]

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