The basics of Christian living

Simplification is good. We appreciate teachers who can simplify complex lessons. We learn much from pastors who can explain grand theology simply. We need frequent reminders of the basics of Christian living. Someone once said somewhat tongue-in-cheek that when Paul wanted to simply the Gospel, the wrote the book of Romans. Although it is certainly […]

God’s perfections are our counsellors

“Pick five of God’s attributes and write down their relevance to your situation.” That was the instruction from a seminary professor to a group of men only starting to sense the superior nature of Biblical counsel over every worldly alternative. Add you own circumstantial details, but the basic exercise can look something like this. The […]

One spiritual step at a time

“Walk by the Spirit” – that is the command of Galatians 5:16. The result? You and I won’t give in to the many temptations of our flesh. That is the work and reward laid out for us this year. The section of Scripture that begins with “walk by the Spirit” ends in Galatians 5:25-26 with […]

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