Justice is an emergency service

When we think of emergency services, we think of the police, paramedics, armed response, and things like that. The reason why we consider these emergency services is because they all require as speedy a process as possible, because if there is even the slightest unnecessary delay, the consequences would escalate quickly. If an ambulance is […]

Christian duties to the government (2)

This is a continuation of Christian duties to the government, part 1. Proverbs 29:26 calls us to pray for the government. We can accomplish much change in government by appealing to the Lord God. This is something God expects of us, and even if made illegal one day, remains something that is unstoppable. We can […]

Christian duties to the government (1)

Each of us have a list of things we expect from our government. Some of the items of the list might even be the things in Scripture that God expects from governments. But Scripture also lists things that God expects from Christians in response to their governments. The government might not fear the Lord and […]

A Psalm about political chaos

Political chaos does not only affect politicians. Everyone under the rule bear the suffering of political chaos. The future of everyone seems bleak. Knowing that evil leaders are using national services to benefit themselves with no care for the average citizen fills us with anger, despair, uncertainly, a sense of hopelessness, and a desire to […]

A Tale of Two Kings

1 Samuel 30 and 31 each depict a king handling a similar predicament, but with two completely opposite outcomes. The good king (chapter 30) suffers the loss of everything (1-6a) and strengthens himself in God to act righteously and decisively (6b-8). The results are what every Christian citizen of every nation longs for. The results […]

Dealing wisely with the government

There are few things as telling of a Christian’s maturity than his or her attitude to the civil government. It is therefore no surprise to find not only the New Testament filled with instruction on dealing with the government (Mark 12:13-17; Romans 13:1-7; 1 Timothy 2:1-3; Titus 3:1), but also the ever-so-practical book of Proverbs. […]

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