Fixing all the problems of this world

You can’t fix all the problems of this world, but you can fix all the problems of this world that manifest themselves in your own convictions, values, thoughts, actions, and words. The world has a big problem with entertainment, but you can maintain the balance of godly enjoyment and relaxation (Eccl 2:24-25). The world has […]

Justice is an emergency service

When we think of emergency services, we think of the police, paramedics, armed response, and things like that. The reason why we consider these emergency services is because they all require as speedy a process as possible, because if there is even the slightest unnecessary delay, the consequences would escalate quickly. If an ambulance is […]

Mourning the oppression of the helpless

Because of the existence and abundance of sin, this world is scarred and disfigured by horrific acts of the powerful against the helpless. Be it large-scale war among nations destroying their own citizens, or intimate disembodiment of a baby in the mother’s womb, we mourn the oppression of the helpless. It is no surprise then […]

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