Marriage: Specialised Friendship

The world teaches you to look our for yourself, Look out for #1—take selfies that make you look good, choose friends who make you happy, drive cars that make you feel successful—that’s the worlds way. But marriage was designed to specialise friendship. Marriage is designed to overcome the self-seeking, self-esteem, selfishness of looking out only […]

Loving an ageing spouse

Perhaps the most avid and trustworthy Christian blogger in the English language today is Tim Challies. He recently wrote an article on a husband’s love for the physical body of a wife’s post-partum body. His point is that marital love is matured through a shared life story, including the changes in our physical bodies due […]

Fixing all the problems of this world

You can’t fix all the problems of this world, but you can fix all the problems of this world that manifest themselves in your own convictions, values, thoughts, actions, and words. The world has a big problem with entertainment, but you can maintain the balance of godly enjoyment and relaxation (Eccl 2:24-25). The world has […]

God’s common love

God’s love is often referred to as ‘common grace’. The nuances of the various terms are subtle, but important. Although very few resources can be found on God’s love for unbelievers, resources abound on common grace and providence. This does not mean, however, that God’s love is only limited to the elect and that His […]

The heartache of protecting bad behaviour

Ever since Genesis ch 3, bad behaviour defines humanity. We are startled by the first obvious expression of it in little children; we perfect it in ourselves; we mourn its effect on others; and well into old age we seem to be fluent in bad behaviour. By observing the criminal extremes of bad behaviour, Ecclesiastes […]

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