Obeying when you don’t feel like it

“I’m so discouraged today. I would be a hypocrite if I went to church today.” Despair is a terrible advisor of daily decisions, and yet statements like this one above are the very real convictions of too many struggling Christians. “I can’t pray right now, I’m just so angry”, “Leave me alone, I don’t like […]

How you will become more holy

The “How to …” instructions for fighting temptation and becoming more holy is clearly explained throughout the Scriptures. There are three passages though that are of particular practical significance in setting us firmly on the highway to holiness. These three passages are not only full of their own insights into sanctification, but also have a […]

Romans 12:10 An excellent love

Sometimes the vocabulary in one language makes it difficult to translate certain words into another language. By comparing different possible translations, we can nonetheless grasp the full significance of the original language. This is evidently the case in Romans 12:10 which is translated the following ways in different translations. Love one another with brotherly affection. […]

Insisting on rights, or right-eousness

One cannot really separate basic human rights and righteousness, for those who are unrighteous will ignore the basic rights of others, and those who are righteous will uphold and the basic rights of others. However, there is nonetheless a fundamental difference between living a life insisting on one’s rights compared to living a life insisting […]

Romans 12:9 One-liners for life

Romans 12:9 begins the Proverbs-like list of one-liners for Christian living. Although the list will touch on many different common daily experiences, verse 9 contains the three one-liners that cover all of life. Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Romans 12:9 (ESV There are many ways to […]

The basics of Christian living

Simplification is good. We appreciate teachers who can simplify complex lessons. We learn much from pastors who can explain grand theology simply. We need frequent reminders of the basics of Christian living. Someone once said somewhat tongue-in-cheek that when Paul wanted to simply the Gospel, the wrote the book of Romans. Although it is certainly […]

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