Are wives cursed with wanting to rule over their husbands?

It is commonly taught that much of the conflict in marriage is because of the curse on the woman in Genesis 3:16. The English Standard Version, for example, even translates the Hebrew word in a way to communicate God cursing the wife with a desire to oppose her husband in contrast to her husband’s rule. […]

Godliness can be very complex or very simple

Our situations in life often require different kinds of counsel. Sometimes all we need is a “Just do it!” or “Stop it” command, other times we need a long and very detailed set of instructions to fulfil our daily responsibilities before God. The same is true of God’s counsel to us. We are taught in […]

A poem on love when love is failing

The Corinthians of the New Testament times were no role-models of love. They had bought into all the definitions of love of their godless culture and sinful hearts. But God was changing them. In the middle of a rather extensive lecture/rebuke regarding practical church matters (1 Corinthians chapters 12 – 14), God penned this poem […]

Evidences of a good marriage

Song of Solomon is about a marriage the way God intended. It is an inspired vindication of marriage against the anti-marriage stigma in the world. Song of Solomon mentions four evidences of a good marriage. These four things are turning upside down by the world resulting in much anti-marriage thinking. The first evidence of a […]

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