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Review Romans 12:9-13

Like Proverbs was the collection of simple truths for wise living during the OT context, so Romans 12 is the collection of simple truths for wise living during the NT context. Both, being the inspired word of God are profoundly relevant for us as Christians in the 21st century. Romans 12 has been our church […]

The church that became an example

It is easy to admire the unity, maturity, and ministry of exemplary churches. What we don’t realise, though, is that exemplary churches are made up of exemplary Christians, and being an exemplary Christian isn’t something that is “probably never going to happen to me”. The visible impact of your church is only going to be […]

A poem on love when love is failing

The Corinthians of the New Testament times were no role-models of love. They had bought into all the definitions of love of their godless culture and sinful hearts. But God was changing them. In the middle of a rather extensive lecture/rebuke regarding practical church matters (1 Corinthians chapters 12 – 14), God penned this poem […]

The blessings of harmony

Unity is a rare occurrence. Selfishness is still too common, even among believers. James wrote to Christians explaining that at the root of all conflict, divisions, and quarrels is a selfish desire (James 4:1-3). As the complete opposite to selfish desires, love is described as “does not seek its own” or “does not insist on […]

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