Insisting on rights, or right-eousness

One cannot really separate basic human rights and righteousness, for those who are unrighteous will ignore the basic rights of others, and those who are righteous will uphold and the basic rights of others. However, there is nonetheless a fundamental difference between living a life insisting on one’s rights compared to living a life insisting […]

Christian duties to the government (2)

This is a continuation of Christian duties to the government, part 1. Proverbs 29:26 calls us to pray for the government. We can accomplish much change in government by appealing to the Lord God. This is something God expects of us, and even if made illegal one day, remains something that is unstoppable. We can […]

Christian duties to the government (1)

Each of us have a list of things we expect from our government. Some of the items of the list might even be the things in Scripture that God expects from governments. But Scripture also lists things that God expects from Christians in response to their governments. The government might not fear the Lord and […]

A Psalm about political chaos

Political chaos does not only affect politicians. Everyone under the rule bear the suffering of political chaos. The future of everyone seems bleak. Knowing that evil leaders are using national services to benefit themselves with no care for the average citizen fills us with anger, despair, uncertainly, a sense of hopelessness, and a desire to […]

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