Counselling in a nutshell

What is Biblical Counselling and who do Christian churches make such a big deal of it? Description of Biblical Counselling Perhaps the shortest description of Biblical Counselling is illustrated in 1 Thessalonians 5:14. we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all. 1 Thessalonians 5:14 Biblical […]

A Testimony of Counselling Bad Behaviour

From a personal vantage point it often seems best not to deal with bad behaviour. The humiliation of acknowledging our own bad behaviour, or the perceived consequences to ourselves in addressing the bad behaviour of others, often results in endless relational headache. From a more objective vantage point, we know that we ought to change […]

The heartache of protecting bad behaviour

Ever since Genesis ch 3, bad behaviour defines humanity. We are startled by the first obvious expression of it in little children; we perfect it in ourselves; we mourn its effect on others; and well into old age we seem to be fluent in bad behaviour. By observing the criminal extremes of bad behaviour, Ecclesiastes […]

Helping others from what you already know and practise

In the early years of the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ many people from very messed up lives came to salvation. Their lives changed. Some of the change happened immediately; some of the change came through a long battle against old habits. But the Truth that they heard produced the change in them. […]

Verses for all those emotions

Emotions send us all over the place. They might not be inherently evil, but the more we listen to our feelings, the more we get into trouble. By reading the Scriptures one quickly realises that it is like a giant app for emotions. Open the Scriptures, find the emotion you are feeling right now, click […]

How you won’t become more holy

YouTube is filled with “How to ….” instructions for practical things we all bump into from time to time. Spiritually we bump into temptation frequently enough that we should be crying out for a “How to …” instruction regarding sin and temptation. Scripture is filled with such instruction, but first we need the “How not […]

The one who knows the Bible best, knows best

When it comes to identifying an expert we typically look at a person’s experience and education. And for the normal earthly matters of life that is certainly true. Sadly, though, we often look at human experience and human education when looking for experts regarding the matters of our souls. An entire category of occupations have […]

God’s perfections are our counsellors

“Pick five of God’s attributes and write down their relevance to your situation.” That was the instruction from a seminary professor to a group of men only starting to sense the superior nature of Biblical counsel over every worldly alternative. Add you own circumstantial details, but the basic exercise can look something like this. The […]

You don’t suffer for another’s sins

Generational and bloodline curses are part of the fear-driven false gospels forced on many today. So also the psychologised version of blaming your mother or grandfather for your emotional, mental, and spiritual trials. Thankfully, the true God is not such a vindictive unjust god – quite the contrary. Ezekiel 18 is an entire chapter dedicated […]

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