I know I am saved because …

The true nature of salvation is frequently misrepresented by mainline Christianity. It is therefore no surprise that many Christians have a severe misunderstanding of salvation. Our assurance of salvation is directly linked to our understanding of salvation, so to get salvation wrong is detrimental to our assurance of salvation, not to mention to our eternal […]

The weapons of spiritual warfare

Ephesians 6:10-20 contains the most detailed set of instructions on a Christian’s engagement in spiritual warfare. Some verses in Scripture are difficult to interpret at first, but if you first go to clear passages like this one, then all the other passages become more clear too. The main point is “stand strong”, not “cast” or […]

Spiritual warfare is common to all Christians

As frightening as the concept of fighting sin, temptation, the Devil and demons might be, it is wonderfully encouraging to realise that spiritual warfare is something every Christian from every age and place has successfully engaged in. After calling Christians to humility and reminding Christians of God’s care of us in all our worries, the […]

How even the hardest heart can be softened

It is no secret that throughout history God has saved some of the roughest sinners. There is great hope therefore, for any person’s heart to be softened by God. Be it a difficult child, a stubborn family member, a hardened criminal, an arrogant politician, or any other hard heart, God can do the impossible (Luk […]

God can save the worst

The truly saved are those who pursue righteousness, love, and holiness. Such are the trademarks of the genuinely converted (1 John 2:29; John 13:35; Lev 20:26). But the righteous, loving, holiness-pursuing saints were not always like that. All of them, before conversion, had sin-infested hearts, minds, and souls. Some of them covered it all up […]

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