How even the hardest heart can be softened

It is no secret that throughout history God has saved some of the roughest sinners. There is great hope therefore, for any person’s heart to be softened by God. Be it a difficult child, a stubborn family member, a hardened criminal, an arrogant politician, or any other hard heart, God can do the impossible (Luk […]

God can save the worst

The truly saved are those who pursue righteousness, love, and holiness. Such are the trademarks of the genuinely converted (1 John 2:29; John 13:35; Lev 20:26). But the righteous, loving, holiness-pursuing saints were not always like that. All of them, before conversion, had sin-infested hearts, minds, and souls. Some of them covered it all up […]

God’s love, justification, suffering, and godliness

In our church’s commitment to the Word of God, we are, in lieu of a Bible reading plan, practising a Bible writing plan. In Deuteronomy 17:18-19 a Bible writing plan was required of all the future kings of Israel, and this week the passage for our church is Romans 5:1-9 as we make our way […]

The authority of revelation from God

Although both the Bible (special revelation) and all of creation (general revelation) are given by God to man, only the Bible constitutes inherent final authority. God’s general revelation to man is continuous (Psalm 19:2), wordless (Psalm 19:3) and worldwide in scope (Psalm 19:4).[1] General revelation teaches the existence of God as a divine Being, His […]

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