Christianese: Sanctification

Romans 6:5-14 deals extensively with the doctrine of sanctification in the believer’s life. Before salvation the believer was dead in his sin (Eph 2:1), but after union with Christ, the believer is now freed from sin to live as a slave of Christ. Sanctification is the means by which believers are transformed so that they […]

The revealing nature of light

In all the privacy concerns of the internet, one is forced to think of what would happen if every detail of your online activity were exposed to the world. Does that thought make you cringe, or will that action vindicate you? Now, go beyond your online activity, and consider your heart motives? Would you cringe […]

A guide to self-destruction

Proverbs is a book of wisdom for successful living. One of the most common ways of teaching the wisdom for successful living is through carefully composed contrasts. The word “but” is often the linking word between the different titbits of wisdom in Proverbs. Proverbs is therefore not only a book of wisdom for successful living, […]

God can save the worst

The truly saved are those who pursue righteousness, love, and holiness. Such are the trademarks of the genuinely converted (1 John 2:29; John 13:35; Lev 20:26). But the righteous, loving, holiness-pursuing saints were not always like that. All of them, before conversion, had sin-infested hearts, minds, and souls. Some of them covered it all up […]

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