The violent crime of slander

Speaking degradingly of someone to another appeals to our self of self-worth and self-importance. We, therefore, partake of slander all to easily. But slander can easily be categorised under “violent crimes”. Just consider the parallel statements in Psalm 140:11 Let not the slanderer be established in the land;let evil hunt down the violent man speedily! […]

Prosperous words

The prosperity religions define prosperous words as words that “Claim!” and “Declare” and “Prophesy!” various expression of common greed. Although the Creator God can speak and through His Word alone make it come to pass, mankind falls into the Created category of existence. The wise know that we are too use prosperous words too, but […]

“I think” VS “God said”

Too much of spiritual discussion between Christians fall into the “I think” category instead of the “God said” category. Because we are weak in specific Bible knowledge and strong in our opinion, we often say things to other Christians that could be much improved on. There is a subtle satisfaction that comes from staying on […]

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