A Psalm about political chaos

Political chaos does not only affect politicians. Everyone under the rule bear the suffering of political chaos. The future of everyone seems bleak. Knowing that evil leaders are using national services to benefit themselves with no care for the average citizen fills us with anger, despair, uncertainly, a sense of hopelessness, and a desire to […]

Asking “Why?!” during trials

Bad things happen. Sometimes the bad things that happen are simply consequences of sinful deeds we’ve committed. Other times the bad things have nothing directly to do with our sin or folly, but is because of the evil of another. And then there are bad things that happen simply because we are living in a […]

God’s love, justification, suffering, and godliness

In our church’s commitment to the Word of God, we are, in lieu of a Bible reading plan, practising a Bible writing plan. In Deuteronomy 17:18-19 a Bible writing plan was required of all the future kings of Israel, and this week the passage for our church is Romans 5:1-9 as we make our way […]

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