When you want more than the Bible says

There are dozens of topics in Christian belief and practise that arouse our curiosity beyond the limits of revelation. Angels and demons, Melchizidek, dreams and visions, other writings by Bible writers that are not in the Bible, the exact spiritual events taking place at death and the moments after, and the like are all questions […]

Stirring each other up

Ever since the satanic “stirrer” in the Garden of Eden, mankind has perpetuated the skill of stirring each other up. As children, through peer-pressure, we stirred each other up to mischief; by teasing we stirred each other up to anger. As we matured in physical growth, we maintained the same “stirring” immaturity, only now we […]

Fear-mongering—a word every Christian needs to understand

Ask yourself, are you a monger when it comes to forwarding messages? It is a very trending occupation that only takes one a moment of time a few times a day. It is a compelling occupation that tugs at your emotions, fears, and desire to inform the world. It is an occupation, however, that Christians […]

Opportunists for good works

As the idiom says, “one man’s loss is another man’s gain”. As a pandemic spreads, many lose their loved ones, sources of income, and sense of peace. But at the same time, there are always opportunists seeking to gain from the paranoia and suffering of others. Christians are opportunists amidst suffering, but in not of […]

Reality, Truth, and Love

God’s people always have the upper hand in dealing with the troubles of this life. This is because of the “Perfect Partnership” between Truth and Love that defines all of our lives. This Perfect Partnership is foundational to our spiritual worship but also has some principles of relevance to our physical lives. Spiritual growth is […]

The weapons of spiritual warfare

Ephesians 6:10-20 contains the most detailed set of instructions on a Christian’s engagement in spiritual warfare. Some verses in Scripture are difficult to interpret at first, but if you first go to clear passages like this one, then all the other passages become more clear too. The main point is “stand strong”, not “cast” or […]

Good spiritual warfare

Spiritual warfare is a good warfare. It is not some extraordinary exercise for the exorcists, or some unusual experience of the evil. Spiritual warfare is a good warfare. The reason for it being a good warfare is because of the way it is waged. Unlike the many religions that practise spiritual warfare through bindings, chants, […]

Strengthening a weak relationship

Although the book of Proverbs has dozens of very practical ways to build and strengthen a relationship that is broken and weak, it is a the book of Ephesians that has a a little catch-phrase that proves incredibly helpful in thinking about how to strengthen a weak relationship. In a passage that is all about […]

“I think” VS “God said”

Too much of spiritual discussion between Christians fall into the “I think” category instead of the “God said” category. Because we are weak in specific Bible knowledge and strong in our opinion, we often say things to other Christians that could be much improved on. There is a subtle satisfaction that comes from staying on […]

Truth about Doubt

Yesterday’s Observations about Doubt can be summarised as … Do not honour doubt; nor fear it. Acknowledge doubt, and stand firm on Truth. There is one passage in the New Testament that deals with the experience of doubt that Christians often face. We know what is true, yet at times we doubt it. Our doubts […]

Observations about Doubt

The experience of doubt often elicits extreme responses from us. Influenced by the world, many consider doubt a sign of enlightenment, maturity, and honesty. To them doubt is noble. “Question everything!” is their philosophy of life, and when their questions get answered with truth, they just invent ten more questions to justify an “open-minded” high […]

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