Marriage: Specialised Friendship

The world teaches you to look our for yourself, Look out for #1—take selfies that make you look good, choose friends who make you happy, drive cars that make you feel successful—that’s the worlds way. But marriage was designed to specialise friendship. Marriage is designed to overcome the self-seeking, self-esteem, selfishness of looking out only […]

Are wives cursed with wanting to rule over their husbands?

It is commonly taught that much of the conflict in marriage is because of the curse on the woman in Genesis 3:16. The English Standard Version, for example, even translates the Hebrew word in a way to communicate God cursing the wife with a desire to oppose her husband in contrast to her husband’s rule. […]

Don’t forget basic godliness

Sometimes we just need a reminder of the basics of Christian living. Life has many responsibilities that Christians desire to fulfil with excellence, but here is a timely reminder of the top items on the list of practical relational responsibilities that we as believers have. Husband, love your wife (Eph 5:33a; Col 3:19) Wife, respect […]

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