World-view Sensibility

If you were my son, I’d make you read all the books in the world-view section of my bookshelf. Over the course of your life, develop a Biblical response to science, philosophy, morality, ethics, work, money, family, friends, technology, entertainment, social issues, politics, and the likes of them. Not every Christian might have those interests, […]

Christian duties to the government (2)

This is a continuation of Christian duties to the government, part 1. Proverbs 29:26 calls us to pray for the government. We can accomplish much change in government by appealing to the Lord God. This is something God expects of us, and even if made illegal one day, remains something that is unstoppable. We can […]

Christian duties to the government (1)

Each of us have a list of things we expect from our government. Some of the items of the list might even be the things in Scripture that God expects from governments. But Scripture also lists things that God expects from Christians in response to their governments. The government might not fear the Lord and […]

The one who knows the Bible best, knows best

When it comes to identifying an expert we typically look at a person’s experience and education. And for the normal earthly matters of life that is certainly true. Sadly, though, we often look at human experience and human education when looking for experts regarding the matters of our souls. An entire category of occupations have […]

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