Why we need clarity of Truth

In the last week of Jesus’ ministry before His death, He used His interactions with the people to clarify the Gospel. Many claimed to be worshippers of God, but in their questions to Jesus, they demonstrated great hatred. Jesus used their questions to clarify their problem so they too could come to confess Him as […]

The basics of Christian living

Simplification is good. We appreciate teachers who can simplify complex lessons. We learn much from pastors who can explain grand theology simply. We need frequent reminders of the basics of Christian living. Someone once said somewhat tongue-in-cheek that when Paul wanted to simply the Gospel, the wrote the book of Romans. Although it is certainly […]

Do not yoke yourself to an unbeliever

Just like the unequal joining of a good ox and a stubborn donkey under the same yoke would not make for effective ploughing, so an unequal partnership between a believer and an unbeliever won’t make for effective Christian ministry. Unfortunately though, the verse on unequal yoking yourself to unbelievers is often used for all other […]

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