Your Christian rights and responsibilities

The world thrives on a sense of personal rights. We expect things from others, and get upset when our expectations are not met by them. When we are hurt by another, we retaliate in silence, bitterness, anger, or legal action because we sense the right to be recompensed for the hurt we suffered. Yet, throughout […]

Godly eating and drinking

Eating and drinking must be some of the most basic intentional activities of mankind. Certain bodily functions, heart beating, breathing, etc., are more basic to human living than eating and drinking, but eating and drinking are surely the most basic human activities that require explicit decision, forethought, preparation and action to remain physically alive. This […]

Fixing all the problems of this world

You can’t fix all the problems of this world, but you can fix all the problems of this world that manifest themselves in your own convictions, values, thoughts, actions, and words. The world has a big problem with entertainment, but you can maintain the balance of godly enjoyment and relaxation (Eccl 2:24-25). The world has […]

A good life in a bad world

Because God is not limited or defined in any way by the physical creation, He offers a perspective on created life that is utterly unique. He offers a perspective that enjoys the good things without being naive about the bad things. He offers a perspective that encourages valid expectations without resulting in inevitable disappointments. He […]

A better parent for your children

It is at least stereotypically true that those without children think they would be better parents for your children, but once they have children of their own their realise that they too need better parents for their children. The book of Proverbs is that better parent. Whether you are a single parent raising your children […]

Wiser than the aged and educated

Experience and education are hailed as the great tutors of life in this world. We trust those with experience more than we trust those with mere head knowledge, and we trust those with reputable head knowledge more than we trust those who merely repeat their own opinions. Experience and education are the very best that […]

Why sensible people fear God

Elihu, one of Job’s younger friends, didn’t understand Job’s situation very well, but he did have a good understanding of who God really is. Elihu was sensible enough to recognise why mankind should fear God and stop following their own ways. In short poetic form we read this from Elihu. God is clothed with awesome […]

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