What every church MUST do

Kevin de Young said it well once when he affirmed, “There are many things a church can do, but there are only a few things a church must do” [paraphrased from memory] That is true. A church that does everything it can possibly do, but neglects to do the few things it really must do, […]

Are you sure that your sins are forgiven?

When God saves a sinner and forgives the sin of that person, He does not dip them in purple, or something like that, to show that that one’s sins are forgiven. Sin doesn’t appear as a physically black burden on one’s back as depicted in the allegory of Pilgrim’s Progress. Forgiveness doesn’t appear like a […]

Why we worship God

“Why do you worship God?” For believers, that is not a difficult question to answer. The more difficult question is “Where do you start?!” It seems that Psalm 147 also didn’t really know where to start, so the author just started, and then continued for 20 verses with a number of calls to praise the […]

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