Why we worship God

“Why do you worship God?” For believers, that is not a difficult question to answer. The more difficult question is “Where do you start?!” It seems that Psalm 147 also didn’t really know where to start, so the author just started, and then continued for 20 verses with a number of calls to praise the […]

What do you do with an absolutely sovereign God?

God’s sovereignty is clearly affirmed in His Word and displayed in His world. It requires a proper response from us. First of all, it requires our worship. That a Being exists with absolute rule over all things is something that deserves recognition. That such a Being is the God Who loves and cares, deserves worship. […]

The sympathy of God’s empathy

Psalm 103:14 is perhaps one of the most direct statements on God’s empathy with us. For he knows our frame;he remembers that we are dust. Psalm 103:14 (ESV) God knows that we are not everything that He is. We are not perfectly holy. We are not almighty. We are not all-knowing. We are not perfectly […]

The role of church in the life of an unconverted child

Do you ever think about the function that Church fulfils in the life of a child who only attends church because his parents do? Just like we feed our children vegetables because it is objectively good for them even if they don’t share that conviction, and just like we teach our children an array of […]

Praying the Bible

Some of the least recognised, but profoundly impactful, especially over time, ministry of some pastors has been the public prayers during worship services. This reflects a heritage of the importance of public prayers in the lives of believers. The book of Psalms is the Bible’s way of modelling the relevance of public prayers to those […]

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