One of the very practical convictions that made Job such a noble example of godliness was that he had written a contract with his own sexual appetite regarding sexual purity. It is recorded for us in Job 31:1-12, and the terms and conditions of the contract with himself can be summed up as follows:

If I look at pornography (Job 31:1),
if I lie or deceive others about it (Job 31:5),
if I let my heart follow my eyes (Job 31:7),
if I show any sexual interest in another (Job 31:9a),
if I place myself in a compromising situation (Job 31:9b),
Then let me have no blessing from God (Job 31:2),
let me have calamity and destruction (Job 31:3),
let me suffer the personal hurt (Job 31:10),
let me experience the public humiliation (Job 31:11),
let me feel the financial ruin (Job 31:8),
let me lose my great success (Job 31:12)
For God sees all I do (Job 31:4),
and He will be my judge (Job 31:6).

The standard of sexual purity for Christians is contrary to the standard in the world. With this convictions in our own hearts, the fear of the Lord, and the exhortations of the saints, let us make that distinction clearer every day.