Show me your life, and I’ll show you your desires.

Repeatedly in Proverbs 1-3, we are told that Divine Wisdom is readily available and easily attainable. The rewards of Wisdom are dangled before us like a carrot before a donkey.

Now, if the donkey does not try to eat the carrot right in front of his nose, what will your conclusion be? Simple. If the donkey does not move ahead the 10cm to bite the carrot, it means the donkey does not care about the carrot and does not “desire” the carrot. By holding ten different snacks in front of the donkey, based on which one he moves towards, you can tell what the donkey desires.

We are no donkeys, but that modern-donkey-proverb does teach a lesson about life in general. You always do what you desire most. If you desire a new item for your hobby or sport more than you desire to own a house one day, your financial decisions will reflect that, and you might never own a house. If you desire some delicacy or inactivity today more than you desire a fit and healthy lifestyle in general, then you might never reach your optimum health index. It is not rocket science – every decision you make is directly linked to one desired that trumped another.

Negatively your desires are the cause of your conflicts with others (James 4:1-3); positively your desires are your drive to maturity (Psalm 27:4). The desires you feed, are the desires that grow; the desires that grow, are the desires that win.