Proverbs is a book of wisdom for successful living. One of the most common ways of teaching the wisdom for successful living is through carefully composed contrasts. The word “but” is often the linking word between the different titbits of wisdom in Proverbs. Proverbs is therefore not only a book of wisdom for successful living, but it is also a book of the folly that destroys one’s own life.

Proverbs 13 contains an entire list of the common foolish things we sometimes do that always leads to our ruin. Examine your life for these habits, and replace the ones you find in your life with the positive counterpart in each of the verses.

In keeping with the negative side of things in Proverbs 13, here is a guide to self-destruction:

  • Pro 13:3 Speak too quickly
  • Pro 13:5 When you can choose truthfulness, be wicked instead (also Pro 13:9)
  • Pro 13:6 When you can choose righteousness, sin instead (also Pro 13:21 and Pro 13:25)
  • Pro 13:13 Stop paying attention to Scripture
  • Pro 13:14 Turn away from wise counsel (also Pro 13:18)
  • Pro 13:15 Avoid the sensible thing
  • Pro 13:17 Misinform others
  • Pro 13:20 Surround yourself with those who are as foolish as you are

All of these might not be true of you, but some of them might. Let us pursue the wisdom for a successful life and quit the folly that destroys.