Bereavement is the nice word for the intense loss felt when someone close to you has died. Words fail us when at the death-bed of a loved one. Our prayers in those initial moments of bereavement seem equally impossible of verbal expression. But that is where the Spirit of God through His Word give us the words we so desperately wish for. Although no sample prayer can ever suffice for the uniqueness of each initial moment of bereavement, the following sample prayer is indeed welcome truths in actual words to express our faith in God in the most difficult of earthly trials.

Our Father in Heaven, our hearts are broken (Lam 3:17). We feel as though we have no words to say, but you know our thoughts (Ps 139:4), that they are filled with grief and sorrow (Lam 3:19-20). Like our Lord Jesus wept at the passing away of Lazarus, so Lord God, our hearts ache because of our loss of one whom we loved (Joh 11:33-36).

Death is such a harsh part of life (Rom 5:12), but Lord Jesus, you are the resurrection and the life (Joh 11:25). You are the One who raises us to life again after which we will never again die—strengthen our faith (Joh 11:26). As Jesus Himself did when He died, we commit [name]’s spirit to you, for you are righteous (1 Pet 2:23).

Help us as we comfort one another, for we are suffering; comfort our hearts, for you are the God of all comfort (2 Cor 1:3-4). Amen.