My heavenly Father, by giving me my wife, you have shown me more favour (Pro 18:22) than the best of inheritances that my earthly father could give (Pro 19:14). She is indeed the most precious treasure I have (Pro 31:10).

Thank you for shaping her into a woman whom I can live my life with (Gen 2:18) and whom I can rely on in all the matters of life (Pro 31:11). It is truly You Whom I need to thank for the many good things I receive from her (Pro 31:12).

Thank you for her diligent work ethic (Pro 31:13-19) and compassionate heart (Pro 31:20). Thank you that she cares for our children (Pro 31:21), takes good care of herself (Pro 31:22), and that she defines in so many ways even the influence that I have on others (Pro 31:23).

In her daily activities, make her successful (Pro 31:24) and joyfully confident (Pro 31:25). In her daily conversations, may she demonstrate great wisdom and kindness (Pro 31:26). Thank you that in all her many gifts, she is always first concerned about her own family (Pro 31:27).

Father, will you grant her the great pleasure of being thought of very highly by our children, and may I too be obviously appreciative of her (Pro 31:28). May she be recognised above the great women of our times (Pro 31:29), and may it be not only for her obvious sweetness and beauty, but also for her faith in You (Pro 31:30). As long as she lives, or until your Son returns, may the work that she does on this earth prove to all the honour due a God-fearing woman (Pro 31:31).