1 Timothy 2:1-2 give us instruction to pray, and what to pray for, when voting. Reworded as a prayer, it goes like this

God, please work through our parliament and president that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. Thank you. Amen

Why do we appeal to God when it is our government that we want to change? Because Proverbs 21:1 informs us that God directs the government as river banks direct the river.

Besides, think of what God can do when He chooses to do so. Genesis 41 records how in one day God appointed a godly falsely-accused inmate to second in command in the world-power of the day, Egypt. 1 Samuel 16 records how God, without the king’s knowledge, secretly appointed a successor with a man after God’s own heart. 2 Chronicles 33 records how God suddenly removed a wicked king from ruling, saved him, then had him reinstated to fix all the wrongs he had done. Daniel 4 records how God took the most pompous of world rulers, humbled him, then had him write a Gospel tract and send it to each person in his kingdom. Daniel 5 records how God in one night of partying switched entire empires and had the new empire allow God’s people to return to their place. The entire book of Esther records the great reversals of politics that can take place because God is working behind the scenes of government. When Jesus comes again, the most dramatic change in government will occur in spite of all the world’s support of the ruling party.

So, when you vote, pray:

God, thank you for your hand in government. Please be with the current president and all those who hold a seat in parliament. Please work in them and through them so we can live a life where it is safe, peaceful,easy to be a Christian, and live like one. Amen.