Parenting is a full-time job. Sometimes parenting is an intensive act of saving your child from a destructive act, other times a casual comment made in passing is what gets to the heart of a child. Proverbs gives instruction to parents on all the moments of parenting.

In Proverbs 23:12-19 a wonderful guide for a sit-down parenting moment is given. A possible out-working of it might go something like this.

“[Name of child], you and I still have much to learn in life. I am serious about learning more about God and how He tells me to live my life (Pro 23:12). The reason I help you when you do naughty things is so you will also learn (Pro 23:13). Do you know that every time I correct you, that I am saving your from a really bad life (Pro 23:14)? Now you also know why I am so happy when I see you do what is right (Pro 23:15-16). Remember that even if many other people do what is wrong, that you should keep doing what you learned from God (Pro 23:17). Then you will have a good life (Pro 23:18). So, remember, please, listen to me when I teach you how to live; make sure your way of doing things is God’s way (Pro 23:19). [some special familial gesture of care]”