Because most in our congregation do not have the internet facilities to live-stream, there will be no live-stream at our normal service time. Instead, here are some suggestions on participating in fellowship with us today.

Message the Pastor

Our pastor will be available by call, SMS, email, or WhatsApp to minister to you through Bible answers, counsel, prayer, and fellowship.

Guided Self-Study

Join us for the LHBC Psalm 91 self-study here.

Past Sermons

Search all sermons here or listen to one of the following recommendations

Psalm 56 – A Habit of Trust
How David learned to trust God

Psalm 99 – Our God is King
The first sermon by Andrew at LHBC and a fitting perspective for our current times

Luke 12:22-34 – Freedom for the Fretful
Wisdom from Jesus for anxious lives

Suggested Live Streams

Tim Cantrell at Antioch Bible Church, Johannesburg
(10h00 and 18h00)

John MacArthur at Grace Community Church, Los Angeles
(19h30 SA-time)