This is the second Sunday in which we cannot meet together. This time I want to offer you an entire service as we would normally have it. May every head of each household worship together with their family in person, and together with the rest of the church in spirit, this Sunday.

**If you do not have the internet access to access everything, a text-based version of this in PDF is available. Contact the pastor to request it ( or )


The opening song is a call to worship to take our minds off this world and onto the things that are above (Col 3:2). Here is the link to listen to (sing along as you are able!) to our call to worship today.

His Mercy is More” by Keith and Kristyn Getty
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The opening prayer by one of the elders is a brief prayer praising God that we can gather for worship. Pray this as an act of worship from your own heart.

“Truly, Lord, we praise you for you abundant mercy. Thank you for your mercy that is new every morning, including this day of worship. Accept our worship in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  1. All ministry events and gatherings are postponed until the lockdown is lifted.
  2. Many in our congregation are working in essential services during this lockdown (doctors, nurses, police, telecommunication, chemical and food production, any that I have missed?). Pray for them to stay healthy and serve our communities faithfully.
  3. Many in our congregation are experiencing loss of income during this lockdown. Pray that they will be diligent in what they can do and trust God, and ask that God will provide in all their needs. Some have also experienced an increase in work and income, and we need to thank the Lord for His provision.
  4. As far as we know, no one in our church has been diagnosed with COVID-19, but as we know, many are high-risk due to other health concerns. Plead with the Lord for one another’s health.

Pray with us:

“Our Heavenly Father, thank you that you never change. This assures us that although our world has changed so much in the past month, and although we ourselves often change in our degree of faithfulness to you, that you will not change the salvation that you have already given us, neither will you change our eternal hope (Mal 3:4). Lord there are many who have no fear of you and act as though you will never judge this world. May they turn to you, for then, as you promised, you will turn to them and do them good instead (Mal 3:7).
God, you have taught us to fear you. As we remind each other of that each day in our messages to each other, we know that you are also paying attention, and that you are taking note of each of us who fear your name and walk in your ways (Mal 3:16). You treat us like your own; you watch over us like a treasured possession; you take care of us like your own children (Mal 3:17). Surely then, Lord, as we live our lives here on earth, we can live differently to the world. We can trust instead of worry; we can be kind instead of selfish; we can be hopeful instead of fearful. We can distinguish ourselves from those who do not serve you, because we serve you (Mal 3:18).
Please be with our missionaries. Bless the ministry of our church through the website, facebook, and WhatsApp. Hear our prayers for one another. May our testimony of faith in you be a light to those still in darkness and may many come to know you and turn to you. For Jesus’ sake, Amen”


Open your Bibles and read Psalm 4.

Then pray with us:

“Thank you Lord for the comforts in this Psalm. Thank you that you show your good grace to us by listening to the pleas of our hearts. Lord, we get angry over some of the things happening around us, but keep our anger in check, Lord, that we only get agitated by things that offend you, and that we do not sin against you. We feel at times that nobody cares about doing good to each other, but Lord, you do us good. The joy that you put in our hearts is better than the joy that comes from the best earthly life. Therefore Lord, though we do not know what each day might bring, we still get to sleep well each night, for you are our safety. Amen”


The three songs for today are all selected to set our minds on God and our faith in him. The first song is a call to stand firm in the faith. The second song is our response to that call and a reminder of the spiritual blessings with which we life.

O Church Arise” by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken” by Enfield, Resolved Music

Our third song is a song of praise reflecting on who Jesus is in his glory and rule.

Who Is He In Yonder Stall?” by Enfield, Resolved Music

Pray with us as we transition to the preaching of God’s Word:

“Father, we rightfully sing these songs about you for you are worthy of our praise. As we submit now to the preaching of your Word, may your servant explain it to us clearly so we can understand what you will have us learn. We pray this all for Jesus sake, our Lord and our God, your beloved Son, Amen.”


The sermon audio and preacher’s notes can be found here:

Psalm 119:9-16, “Spiritual Disciplines for a Pure Life” by Andrew Zekveld


The closing song is an opportunity for us all to respond to all that we have participated in in our worship of God today.

He Will Hold Me Fast” by Keith and Kristyn Getty


This is my favourite part of the service. It is a closing word of blessing and instruction from God for us as his children preparing for another week in this world.

thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

1 Corinthians 15:57-58 (ES V)