Personal time in the Word of God is like breathing for the soul. It nourishes our souls, binds up our broken hearts, breaks our stubborn wills, and enlightens our minds (Psalm 19).

But sometimes reading a passage of Scripture can feel like the most irrelevant part of one’s day. Worldly distractions, depression, or general spiritual unfitness can dull the worship of daily time with God. THankfully the fault is not in God’s word (Isaiah 55:10-11), but it does mean it is time to evaluate our devotional practise.

Sometimes all we need is a little list to spur us on to the humility required for true worship. For any passage you might read, see if you cannot answer some of the following questions to keep you on track with your devotions this year.

  1. Is there a Truth to believe?
  2. Is there a Command to obey?
  3. Is there a Promise to hope in?
  4. Is there an example to follow?
  5. Is there a sin to avoid and/or repent from?

Although these by no means reach the depths of the meaning of a text, they certainly aid in application. May our God of all wisdom, make you to increase in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!