In the debate between true and false forms of spirituality, the faith-works distinction is vital. God says that salvation is not by works, but by faith, and then, when true faith has been granted, there will be much works. That is why the Scriptures both condemn dependence on works for justification, yet assert that justification is evidenced by works.

Hebrews 11, the great chapter on faith, is also a great chapter on works.

It begins in Heb 11:1 with a definition of faith that mentions belief, not works.

In Heb 11:2 it continues with asserting that it is belief-faith that commends individuals to God.

In Heb 11:3 a good example of faith is given in that it is a belief in God’s record on Creation which nobody witnessed or participated in, yet we know to be true. Faith believes what God said, period.

But then, from Heb 11:4 a list of “by faith he worked” is given. Great deeds were accomplished by those who had faith.

Isn’t that also true for you and me? We believe God by faith, apart from any works. But our works are indeed testimonies of faith in God more than they are testimonies of our greatness.

By faith we work. What will your faith accomplish today? Will you worship correctly like Abel? Will you please God like Enoch? Will you fear God more than man like Noah? Will you obey just because God said so, like Abraham? Will you believe God’s promises like Sarah? Will you stand strong in a test of faith like Abraham with Isaac? Will you make plans for your earthly future in light of your post-earthly life future like Joseph? Will you love God’s people more than safety like Moses?

Much more is recorded in Hebrews 11. Will your faith work today?