There is no account in all of history that received as much divinely directed celebration as the birth of Jesus. Even the go-to account of celebration in the OT, the exodus out of Egypt and crossing of the Red Sea, is dwarfed by the celebrations surrounding the birth of Jesus the Christ.

Before his birth already, the Holy Spirit produced a song of blessing from the lips of Elizabeth (Luke 1:41-45). Mary’s response is equally divinely orchestrated as it is included in the God-breathed Word of God (Luke 1:46-55).

Then, on the unmarked day of Jesus’ birth, the skies erupted with celebration as first one, then many angels erupt in praise never before displayed to earthly creatures (Luke 2:9-14). The shepherds having confirmed the reality of Jesus’ birth add their own celebrations to that day (Luke 2:20).

Jesus’ birth is the most divinely directed earthly celebration.

We might not know the exact date of Jesus’ birth, but let that not hinder our celebration of the Son of God Who laid aside the full exercise of His God-ness to be born as a human being and accomplish our salvation (Philippians 2:6-8).