This is a continuation of Christian duties to the government, part 1.

Proverbs 29:26 calls us to pray for the government. We can accomplish much change in government by appealing to the Lord God. This is something God expects of us, and even if made illegal one day, remains something that is unstoppable. We can pray continually, silently if need be, and fervently. When the government fails us in regards to public services and justice, we seek justice from God and pray that He will bring it about through government too. (Cf 1 Timothy 2:2)

The simplest form of fulfilling our duties to government must be the simple act of paying taxes (Luke 20:22-25, also Matthew 22:17-21 and Mark 12:14-17)). Simply because they are the authority, we ought to pay the taxes they require. We do so not merely because it is legal, but also because it is a matter of conscience (Romans 13:5-7).

All these are Christian duties to the government that God expects of us irrespective of what the government does. In the rare case that the government requires of us a sinful deed, only then are we to refrain from obeying them (Acts 5:29) knowing that any subsequent punishment is to be submitted with the understanding that it is better to be persecuted for righteousness sake than to commit a blatant sin (Acts 2:40-42).

Don’t be a rebel or a mocker. Be cautiously humble. Vote, don’t protest. Pray, don’t despair. Excel in your Christian testimony.