The “sermon on the mount” starts with a list of descriptions of those who are citizens of Heaven. The characteristics and benefits of citizens in God’s Kingdom is really impressive.

The Benefits of a Citizen of Heaven

They are no mere citizens of a democratic country, but fellow-possessors of a kingdom (Matt 5:3). They experience great comfort from all the things that make us cry (Matt 5:4). Their government grants include the entire earth (Matt 5:5). They are fully satisfied as far as basic needs are concerned (Matt 5:6). They benefit from mercy in every situation (Matt 5:7). They get to see God for Who He really is (Matt 5:8). They get God’s family name with all the privileges thereof (Matt 5:9). And in case you missed the first one, as a bookend to it all, they are fellow-possessors of a kingdom (Matt 5:10).

The Quality of a Citizen of Heaven

The quality of people who are citizens of Heaven is equally wonderful. Just imagine being around, and being yourself, someone like this: reliant on God, not self-made (Matt 5:3), saddened by sin, not rejoicing in it (Matt 5:4), humble and sensible, not arrogant and reckless (Matt 5:5), eager for doing what is right, not self-righteous (Matt 5:6), quick to show mercy, not vindictive (Matt 5:7), sincere, not corrupt (Matt 5:8), able to make peace, not argumentative (Matt 5:9), and able to endure even the worst evil, not weak and unfaithful (Matt 5:10).

It is this list of characteristics and benefits of citizen in God’s Kingdom that is going to make Jesus’ return and reign so glorious. This is also what we get to be in the meantime, for even if we are not yet reigning with Jesus in His Kingdom, we are already citizens. Be worthy of our future emigration, and let everyone know!