Clothing is most fundamentally for the purpose of covering nakedness since the Fall of Genesis chapter 3, but clothing also tells much about a person. In many ways clothing is more revealing of a person than it is concealing. Although one cannot confirm with one hundred percent certainty what a person is like by the clothes being worn, it is possible to a large degree, to make accurate conclusions about a person by observing that person’s clothing. It might reveal prudence or extravagance, modesty or sensuality, artistic or functional tendencies, and a host more qualitites.

What is true about external clothing, is also true about some personal character traits. Some personality and character traits in a person are so obvious and telling that they are like clothing, proclaiming a public message about an internal virtue. When people look at you, they see your clothing and make certain assumptions about your character.When people experience your interaction with them, what spiritual qualities do they see through your interactions with them? A Christ-like humility? Or a human-like preoccupation with self?

1 Peter 5:5 connects the picture of clothing to a very important virtue: humility. Humility is to be so deeply entrenched in our hearts, that it appears as obvious as clothing to those with whom we come into contact with each day.

The result of greater personal humility, will be greater social harmony (Romans 12:16). Set your mind today more on the glory of God than the glory of self, and pray that God will bless you with Divine harmony (Romans 15:5-7)