Books abound on making you better at dealing with people. No doubt at times you’ve thought that the world would be perferct if it wasn’t for all the people. God has not left us to scavage through self-help books to improve our interactions with people.

To start simple, the book of Proverbs has the following four prompts to get you to act a little wiser with the general population out there.


First, be quicker to accomodate than to manipulate (Proverbs 3:27-29).

Next, learn to handle conflict maturity (Proverbs 3:30; 24:28-29; 25:8-10; 29:5). This is easier said than done, but these verses offer wisdom of such a nature that by following them, you will side-step most conflict before it even appears.

Third, always respect the poor (Proverbs 14:20-21).

Fourth, don’t be a burden to those you get naturally get along more (Proverbs 25:17; 27:14).


Are you a wise or a foolish person in your relationship to general society?