For a Christian, the question “Do you know God?” always has a resounding “Yes!” answer. But do you know God better? Do you know God better than you did your last birthday, last payday, last bath time, last mealtime?

“Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD” (Hosea 6:3a). God desires that you and I have knowledge of Him (Hosea 6:6). Every mess we make of our lives can be linked directly to a lack of knowing and believing some truth about God (Hosea 4:6a). By God’s unrelenting goodness, He has made Himself knowable, and by His saving grace He has made you to know Him (Hosea 2:20).

So the question today is, will you know God better tomorrow? Read your Bible – by verse, chapter, even a book at a time. Read good Christian books. Commune with the Lord often.