God chose to use the word heart as the go-to word in Scripture to address our lives. But do we really understand what our heart is?

Here is a starting point for you to understand what God is after when His Word addresses our heart.

According to the Bible, your morality is corrected when you “prepare / set aright your heart” (Job 11:3).

A strong and decisive will (be it positive or negative) is “setting your heart” (2 Chronicles 12:14) or “hardening your heart” (Exodus 10:1).

The sin of pride, is when your “heart becomes high” (2 Chronicles 26:16).

Having a strong faith is when “the heart is made steadfast” (Psalm 78:8).

Emotions of regret are when the “your heart struck you” (2 Samuel 24:10). Happy emotions are when the heart rejoices (1 Sam 2:1), and sad emotions are when there is “sadness of heart” (Nehemiah 2:2).

The wisdom of wise men come from a “wise heart” (Proverbs 16:23) and a man with no sense is a man lacking heart (Proverbs 11:12).

This list could be much longer, but consider this as you love God with all your heart.