We want blessing for our children. We work to make a better world for our kids. We invest in their education, assist them in their goals, and help shape their dreams—all so they will have a good life, better than our own.

Yet, all those things do not guarantee blessing for your children. Proverbs, however, points to something different as a means of setting your children up for a blessed life. When Mom and Dad pass away, there is still something about them that will keep their children on the road of blessing. It is something that very few parents even consider in the upbringing of their children, schools often contradict this one thing, and the world certainly doesn’t model it for children either.

The righteous who walks in his integrity—blessed are his children after him!

Proverbs 20:7

Righteousness proven in all the ups and downs of life—that is the key to ensure blessing for your children. And realise this: it is not the righteousness of the children as much as the righteousness of the parent that is the point of this proverb. When parents are themselves righteous, then there is hope for a good life for your children after them.

It is the parents who do right because of conviction rather than fear of consequences who have children who can face the manipulative pressures of unethical business practises. It is the parents who attend church because of a love for God and His people who have children to understand worship. It is the parents who themselves read the Scriptures and humble themselves before the Lord in prayer who have children who know where to turn for perspective in life. It is the parents who are kind and generous who have children who worry less during adversity. It is the parents who work hard but rest adequately who have children who sleep well at night.

These are all generalised extensions of Proverbs 20:7 that are meant to make us fall in love with the life-changing insights from God as given to us in an easily-accessible book. Parents, Proverbs is good for your kids, and even better for you. Know it!