Song of Solomon is about a marriage the way God intended. It is an inspired vindication of marriage against the anti-marriage stigma in the world.

Song of Solomon mentions four evidences of a good marriage. These four things are turning upside down by the world resulting in much anti-marriage thinking.

The first evidence of a good marriage is the companionship between the husband and wife (Song 5:16). The desire of the husband simply to be with his wife, and the wife simply to be with her husband, is the primary desire in a good marriage.

The second evidence of a good marriage is the openness of the intimacy between the husband and the wife. Not open in a public sense, but open between the two of them. In Song of Solomon chapter 4 and again in chapter 7, the husband comments on every element of the wife’s body – the openness of her body is the occasion for him to open his own heart. In chapter 5, the wife returns the openness

The third evidence of a good marriage is the exclusiveness of their story. There are no third parties of any kind. It is just “me … you … us” (Song 1:4a; 2:16a; 6:3a). Any extras in Song of Solomon are simply outsiders looking in and praising their marriage.

This leads then to the fourth evidence of a good marriage. A good marriage makes a public statement. Enjoy marriage privately, but praise it publicly. The world mocks marriage. Husbands and wives belittle each other to their friends, but a good marriage can be spotted from afar because of the lofty way the husband and wife speak of each other and their marriage. A good marriage works on their problems in a close circle of counsellors, but when there is something wonderful to say about marriage, then the public becomes the audience. One of the most notable of these is Song of Solomon 5:8 where the wife employs the public to tell the husband of her great love for him.

Make your marriage sing to the glory of God’s design.