God’s god-ness is already a sufficient explanation for being a very sovereign being, but the true living God is not only a god with some areas of sovereign control. God is in control of absolutely everything.

The simplest statement of it is Psalm 115:3

Our God is in the heavens;
He does all that He pleases.

Psalm 115:3

God demonstrates His sovereign control over over Satan (Job 1:6-12; Job 2:1-7), over governments (Dan 4:1-3; Dan 4:28-37), over the physical Creation (Is 40:25-26, not to mention all the miracles), over when you live, where you live, and how long you live (Acts 17:26), and over all the personal affairs of your life (Ps 139:13-16). Even the evil that exists is thwarted by God to accomplish His purposes also (Gen 50:20).

Therefore, if God is so obviously in control of the big things in life as well as the small details, let us not fear, let us not be anxious, but let us bring everything to the Lord in prayer, rejoicing that God will vindicate the righteous and He will judge the wicked (Luk 12:7).