Most of us have a strange attraction to the dramatic, vibrant, and extraordinary. We love movies where in less than 90 minutes, the world can experience a disaster and some heroic salvation, or a guy and girl can be strangers, meet, fall in love, overcome some conflict, and be reunited. Nobody wants to be boring, or wait a long time without anything special happening.

But life is sometimes boring. Long periods of time go by without any dramatic change. In our super-fast pace of life, everything still has an element of the mundane about it. Even in the Bible, most of the time is relatively mundane. The global flood in Noah’s day is a dramatic story, but it took Noah 120 years to build the Ark. Moses had some extraordinary stories to talk about, but was 80 years old before most of them occurred. Four hundred years of absolutely silence fill the blank pages between the last verse of the Old Testament and the first verse of the New Testament. Yet, in the midst of the mundane, Christians excel nonetheless. In fact, as a Christian, you can exploit the mundane for true Christian living.

How shall we exploit the mundane for Christian living?

First, don’t be impatience through long periods of nothing (2 Peter 3:8-9). God is patiently working on a grand plan.

Second, don’t fear sudden disaster (2 Peter 3:10-13). God is in charge and will fix everything at The End.

Third, be diligent to be godly in the present (2 Peter 3:14). God knows the details of your life, and through your godliness will bring you peace.