The most basic truth about God must be, simply because of God’s Godness, the fact that God is the absolute Sovereign.

Perhaps the greatest expression of faith in God’s sovereignty comes to believers through the example of Jeremiah the prophet. Read Lamentations chapter 3 with this outline and imitate his faith in the midst of disaster

vv. 1-18 The Experience of the Disaster!
vv. 19-36 The Exercise of Faith

How did Jeremiah go from such a heart-rending experience of disaster to such a strong exercise of faith? He uses the rest of the chapter to explain it to us.

vv. 37-39 Remember Divine Truth—specifically truth about Who God is, and who we are by comparison.

vv. 40-54 Repent of your own little faith in that Truth, and while you’re at it, repent of your finite perspective too! God is Sovereign; you are definitely not!

vv. 55-66 Hope confidently in God. Rejoice in the fact that God is God, and God is in control of all things—the past, the present, and the future.

Lamentations ch 3 is how faith in the sovereign God overcomes the human notion of ‘fate’.