Blessed be the Lord,
who daily bears us up;

Psalm 68:19

Did you praise God for that when you woke up this morning? God is bearing you up today again. He did so yesterday, He will do so tomorrow again.

In your daily weakness, He strengthens you. In your daily need, He provides for you. In your daily worries, He cares for you. In your daily fight against sin, He convicts and encourages you. In your daily prayers, He hears you. In your daily tasks, He gives you breath. In your daily sin, He forgives you. In your daily reading of Scripture, He opens your mind to understand.

The Lord our God is with us, will never leave us, will certainly not forsake us. He daily bears us up.

As you meditate on this today, and as you prepare for corporate weekly worship on Sunday, may it be a true culmination of an entire week of daily worship.